She is the real queen👑Poem to the African Woman By Joseph Kamara

She is the real queen

The apple on the eyes of a king

She is like a beautiful flower

That brings joy every morning

She is loyal every single hour

This keeps my desire burning

She is a woman of prime

The treasure that’s so priceless

She is the best of the time

The reason am always timeless

She is the true African Woman

The one that happy’s her man

She is so fruitful every season

So to let her down, I’d no reason

She is the real queen

The apple on the eyes of a king

My promise is to love her forever

To treat her kindly as a queen

She sings to tell me am her king

So I’d love her forever and ever

She is the light in my dark room

The love of my unbeatable life

She is the only I can make my wife

Because she is really and truly a groom

She is my number one African Woman

The woman of faith and blessings

She is my humble dream woman

The one am loving and never missing

With her, the feeling is so passionate

She is kind and so affectionate

She is the real queen

The apple on the eyes of a king

The African Woman is a queen

The desire of every African King

She is a symbol of true passion

The emblem of a love so refreshing

The African Woman is a blessing

The epitome of tender compassion

She is the champion of all mothers

The best kind of a sister and an aunt y

She is the caretaker of the county

The one that supports the fathers

The African Woman deserves honor

She is the keeper of the home

Her beauty reflects in her everything

From her food down to her child care

© Joseph Kamara

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